Hexagon Wrestling Rings

$0.00 - $6,500.00


The greatest wrestling ring package in the world is a MONSTER PRO  WRESTLING RING.

Our rings have been featured in major motion pictures, video games, TV commercials, and they are used by the biggest and best wrestling promotions in the world.  If you need the very best ring in the world, this is it!  We ship our rings to countries all over the world!!!

Only the best components are used in our Pro Ring Package.  Quick and easy set up, no ring sets up faster.  These rings are super strong and built to last for years and years and years under heavy use.

The rings are built flexibeam style, for the best bump, quickest set up time, and easiest transportation and storage capabilities.   Flexibeam rings set up and come apart quickly and easily for transportation and storage.


  • You choose either vinyl or canvas mat cover  
  • You choose the colors of your mat cover and ring aprons
  • You choose the ring height  - up to 42" floor height  (36" is the most common)
  • You choose the color of your turnbuckle pads
  • You choose the color of your turnbuckle sleeves/covers
  • You choose the colors for ring ropes (real ropes only) - cable ropes are black
  • You choose the style of ring ropes: cable ropes or real rope style ring ropes


  • 6 corner ring poles
  • 6 super strong steel side rails for the ultimate in strength - easy connect to poles
  • all tubular steel cross members for strength and great bounce
  • pro ring padding - closed cell dense foam - the best!
  • 3 pro ring ropes - with 5/8's turnbuckles
  • 1 set of 18 deluxe turnbuckle pads - you choose the colors
  • pro style mat cover - highest quality Canvas or Vinyl - you choose the colors
  • pro ring aprons - you choose the colors
  • 1 set of 18 turnbuckle covers/sleeves - you choose the colors
  • underneath "x" cables with turnbuckles and connectors - for quick set up
  • turnbuckle tightening tools
  • lacing rope for mat cover and for turnbuckle pads
  • easy to follow set up instructions

You can buy the wood for the ring flooring from us, or save on your shipping cost and buy your lumber locally.  All rings are shipped via major truck line from our shop in Lawrenceburg Kentucky to your home or business.  Shipping charges will apply.  To get a shipping quote, click on the link.

Our Pro rings are designed to use 2x10 or 2x12 boards.   We do offer the wood flooring, if you would like to buy from us.  It is always cheaper to ship your ring without the wood flooring.  Your local lumber or hardware store should be able to supply you with the wood that you need.

 Special note:  Our pro ring ropes can be either cable ring ropes or real rope (WWE style) ring ropes.  You choose the style and the color.

Want to FINANCE / LEASE your ring?  You can finance up to 100% of the purchase price and the shipping price.  It's easy and quick.   Click on the link to get the information from our Leasing Company

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hrw1616'1950 LBS (Add $4,800.00)
hwr1818'2270 LBS (Add $5,200.00)
hwr2020'2800 LBS (Add $5,900.00)
hwf1616'550 LBS (Add $400.00)
hwf1818'600 LBS (Add $500.00)
hwf2020'650 LBS (Add $600.00)


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