Backyard Wrestling Ring

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$1,500.00 - $2,700.00


Here at Monster Rings and Cages, we build the world's best wrestling rings, and we have been building them for over 10 years.  Our Backyard Wrestling rings have been featured on TV shows on MTV, video games, and seen on sites around the world.

We actually introduced the official Backyard Wrestling Ring around 2001, when a well known, national radio personality ordered a ring for his home.  Since then we have built many hundreds of them.  The "Pint Sized Brawlers" have been on tour with our Backyard Wrestling Ring, many promoters, who promote events in night clubs and bars (low ceilings) have used our Backyard Wrestling Rings, and hundreds and hundreds of Backyard Wrestlers have purchased these rings from us.

Our Backyard Wrestling Ring, is a real wrestling ring, not a toy.  Our rings are made with an all steel frame,  and we use the same first quality turnbuckles, ring ropes, professional ring padding, canvas mat cover, turnbuckle pads, etc. that we use on our pro style rings, which are used by some of the world's biggest promoters.

We designed the Backyard Ring to be used at home, or to be used by the smaller promoters, that don't need the complete Pro Style Ring.  This ring is ideal to use in buildings with lower ceilings.  The 16" ring floor height gives you plenty of room to wrestle in a building with ceilings as low as 10'.

Here's what you get with a Monster Backyard Wrestling Ring package:

  • 4 all steel, super strong, corner ring poles - 16" ring floor height
  • 4 all steel side rails
  • underneath and top side steel cross members
  • underneath steel cables with turnbuckles for super strong and easy ring assembly
  • 12 professional quality adjustable turnbuckles
  • 3 professional ring ropes - black
  • 1 set, of 12 pro turnbuckle pads - you pick the colors
  • 1 professional canvas mat cover with lacing rope - BLACK CANVAS
  • pro ring padding
  • easy to follow assembly instruction

Our rings are built to use with long boards, rather than plywood, for the flooring.  You will need either 2"x10" or 2" x 12"  boards for your ring flooring.  These are available from your local lumber or hardware store.   The boards are necessary, since they are the actual floor of the ring, and they lay across the steel cross members of your ring.

We have a Financing Program in place, with a national Leasing company, that can help you purchase your equipment.  If you are interested in learning more, or interested in completing an on-line credit application, please click on the FINANCING/LEASING link.  This company will generally allow you to finance (it is actually a commercial lease) 100% of the purchase price, including the shipping.  You can go to this page directly by clicking here:  FINANCE MY WRESTLING RING  Remember to opt for the CONSUMER LEASING link, if this is for personal use. 

CANVAS MAT COVER NOTE:  We stock Black Canvas mat covers for the Backyard Wrestling RIngs.  Other Colors are availabe for an additional "upgrade" fee.

To find out what the shipping cost will be, from our factory to you, contact us for a shipping quote.  Click on the shipping quote link, or call us for a shipping quote. Shipping is not included in pricing and your shopping cart will not calculate the shipping for anything too large to ship via, UPS.  Contact us for a shipping quote on all rings and large items.

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