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Heavy Duty Drop Forged Galvanized dipped Turnbuckles

These Turnbuckles are built extra heavy duty for all uses in athletics and industrial situations.  These are  Super strong and built to last. 

We use Hook and Hook turnbuckles on all of our Boxing Rings, MMA Rings, and Wrestling Rings.  These turnbuckles are easy to use and easy to tighten and untighten.  These have been dipped in heavy galvanization and will not rust, like the cheaper painted turnbuckles.

We offer our turnbuckles in three lengths and two sizes.  Boxing Rings will use 1/2" thick turnbuckles while wrestling rings will use either 1/2" or 5/8" thick turnbuckles, depending on the ring size.

For Boxing Rings, Elevated rings that are 20' square and larger will use the 12" long turnbuckles, to give them the two foot walkway outside the ring ropes.  Floor rings and elevated boxing rings that are smaller than 20' will use the 6" long turnbuckles.

NOTE:  Turnbuckles are measured at the center "take up" portion.  A 6" turnbuckle will open up to 18" when fully opened and a 12" turnbuckle will open up to 36" when fully opened.

Wrestling Rings will use 6" and 9" turnbuckles.  Most rings 16'  and under will use the 6" turnbuckles while 18' rings and large will use the 9" turnbuckles and these usually should be the 5/8's thickness.

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tb61/2" x 6" 2 LBS (Add $10.00)
tb121/2" x 12"3 LBS (Add $12.00)
 5/8'" x 6" 3 LBS (Add $13.00)
tb95/8" x 9"4 LBS (Add $14.00)


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