Ring Ropes

$75.00 - $185.00


Monster Rings and Cages can supply you with all of the supplies you need, for your wrestling ring, including some great looking ring ropes.

Since we build and sell more wrestling rings than all others combined, and with over 20 years of experience behind us, it stands to reason that our supplies are likewise going to be the best.

We offer our Wrestling Ring Ropes in two styles, cable and real rope, and in many sizes.  Our Cable Ring Ropes are made of super strong cable that is encased in a strong hose for safety and great looks.  Our Real Rope Ring Ropes (WWE style) are made from a special blend of 1 inch super strong, low stretch, real rope.  Note, you can not use manila rope for wrestling ring ropes.

When you order, you need to remember that ring ropes are sized for their ring and rings are all measured outside edge to outside edge, not inside the rope area.  For example, a 16 ft ring would measure 16' flat side, edge to edge.  The area inside the ropes might be 14' but you order by ring size, so you would order 16' ring ropes.

It is also important to remember that if you have a homemade ring, or one made by someone that didn't know the proper measurements, your ring may not be standard size.  It is always best to measure your ring, before you buy.  We can custom size your ropes, if we know in advance.

Please note that all of the Cable Ring Ropes come in BLACK only.  If you want a different color, please order the ring tape, along with your ropes.  You will find the ring tape on a separate page, here in the wrestling ring supply section of our site.  We will send you the tape, and you will do the taping.  It is very easy to do, and will not take you very long.

All of our REAL ROPE Ring Ropes will come to you pre-taped to your color choices.  We pre-stretch these ropes, and can tape them during that process.  See the color options at the top of this page.

Both the Cable Ring Ropes, and the Real Rope Ring Ropes are very strong and both are capable of lifting over 14,000 lbs.  so they are strong enough to last a very long time.

All ring ropes come complete with the pro style adjustable turnbuckles, but not the turnbuckle pads or covers.  They are separate items, sold on our site.

Contact us with any questions:  (502) 839-6335  Monday through Friday  8:30 - 6:00  Eastern Standard Time

email: info@monsterringsandcages.com

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our Ring Ropes are sold in quantities of ONE (1) rope and 4 turnbuckles.  To order a complete set, of three, you will need to put the quantity of 3. 

cr1212' Cable Ring Ropes20 LBS (Add $100.00)
cr1414' Cable Ring Ropes25 LBS (Add $110.00)
cr1616' Cable Ring Ropes30 LBS (Add $135.00)
cr1818' Cable Ring Ropes35 LBS (Add $160.00)
cr2020' Cable Ring Ropes40 LBS (Add $185.00)
rr1212' Real Rope Ring Ropes10 LBS (Add $75.00)
rr1414' Real Rope RIng Ropes12 LBS (Add $110.00)
rr1616' Real Ring Ropes14 LBS (Add $140.00)
rr1818' Real Ring Ropes18 LBS (Add $155.00)
rr2020' Real Ring Ropes22 LBS (Add $175.00)


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