Circus Dumbell - smaller

Circus Dumbbell small
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Junior Size

We offer a Circus Dumbbell that is lighter than our standard Circus Dumbbells and with a slightly small (diameter) handle for beginners, lighter weight participants, ladies, and others that aren't able to comfortably handle the larger Circus Dumbbells.

This Circus Dumbbell has 5" bells on each side, as opposed to the 10" bells and has a grip handle that is 2.5" rather than the typical 3" and this CIrcus Dumbbell will weigh in at approx. 50 lbs.  This is plate loadable using 10 lb. olympic plates.   You should be able to add approx. 100 lbs. in plates.

Collars are not included with the Circus Dumbbell.



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