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MMA CAGE CATWALK by Monster Rings and Cages

Now you can add the World's Best Catwalk, to your World's Best Monster Cage.  No one else offers a catwalk like ours.  Just like our MMA Cages, our catwalks require no nuts and bolts to assemble.  Our catwalks are the strongest and most stable in the business. 

A Monster Catwalk is made to assemble quickly and be super strong and super safe.   We have a super strong, all steel under frame that comes apart in pieces for easy transport and storage, and assembles quickly, with only one person.  There are no nuts and bolts to worry about.  We then cover the steel frame with a thick waterproof plywood flooring, and top it off with a non-slip protective rubber top, that just rolls out, onto each section.  One person can sit our catwalk up, quickly.  Every piece is precision cut and welded to fit perfectly and each section is interchangeable with the others.  No numbering, or connecting A to B.  We engineered our catwalk to be the best.   

One our Circle Cages, each section of the catwalk is precision rolled to the proper arc, so both your cage and your catwalk are a perfect circle.  Same with our Hexagon and Octagon cages and catwalks.   We engineer them to be perfect polygons, so every piece and every side is correct. 

A standard catwalk is 4 feet wide all the way around.  This is generally wider than what others offer.  We can do custom sizes, if needed.  We are the true manufacturer.  We make each piece, here in our factory.

Every one of our Monster Catwalks also come with a set of vinyl aprons/skirts that attach easily, with nothing to tie down, and they hang straight, true and wrinkle free.  Of course you pick the color of the skirts.

Just like all of our Monster Cages and Rings, the catwalks qualify for easy financing / commercial leasing.  Please click on the link for details.

Note: Circle Cage Catwalks will still remain at 3' wide, which the octagon and hexagon catwalks are 4' wide.

CONTACT US:  TELEPHONE:  (502) 839-6225

Our office hours are, Monday through Friday - 8:30 - 6:00  We are East Coast Time.

Please note, when ordering on line, you will need to check the style of cage, Hexagon, Octagon, or Circle Cage.  The pricing is the same for both the Hexagon and the Octagon Catwalks, but will change, if you select the Circle Cage. 



cw2020'1000 LBS (Add $3,000.00)
cw2222'1200 LBS (Add $3,200.00)
cw2424'1400 LBS (Add $3,400.00)
cw2626'1600 LBS (Add $3,600.00)
cw2828'1800 LBS (Add $3,800.00)
cw3030'2000 LBS (Add $4,000.00)


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