Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger

Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger
Heavy Bag Hanger
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This wall mounted heavy punching bag hanger fits both wooden studied and masonry walls.  This heavy bag hanger is built to be tough and last for many years, enduring heavy day to day use in the gym.  You can easily hang a 500 lb. punching bag on this bag hanger, if you wall is strong enough! 

We are the manufacturer and we build them right here in our factory in Lawrenceburg, KY.  100% American made and stronger than any other wall mounted bag hanger on the market.

These wall mount bag hangers are recommended for use with Muay Thai bags and for all heavy bags.  The bag arm on this unit extends out 28" giving you plenty of punching and kicking room, while at the same time, saving valuable gym floor space.

The unit is very easy to assemble and comes complete with all mounting hardware.  Simple to follow instructions are included.

When ordering, please tell us if you will be mounting to a wooden stud wall, or a masonry wall (block, brick, cement) and we will provide the proper lag or masonry bolts and a masonry drill bit.


  • Complete unit - made from structural quality steel for superior strength
  • all nuts, bolts, washers, lag screws or concrete anchors
  • heavy duty drop forged eyebolt with 1200 lb. weight capacity
  • heavy duty snap link to connect your bag's chain/straps to the eyebolt
  • easy to follow installation instructions



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