Rolling Trolley Bag Racks

$0.00 - $2,000.00

TROLLEY BAG RACKS by Monster Rings and Cages

When your gym or training center reaches the point that you want the very best in heavy bag racks, this is where you will shop.  A Trolley bag rack, in your gym is a serious investment in your equipment and shows that you have the desire to be the best.

At Monster Rings and Cages, we build the best bag racks, and our trolley bag racks are known around the world as being the best you can buy, at any price.

Since we are the manufacturer, we can custom build any size or shape you want, but our standard units come in 12' wide by 10' long sections.  You can add as many sections, end to end, as you like, or even add sections side by side.

We build these units to be exceptionally strong, using thick walled 4" square vertical poles and structural I-beams. 

We offer two types of trolleys.  We have the rolling trolleys and we have the sliding trolleys.  The rolling trolleys have actual wheels and we install a braking device on them, so you can lock them down in place, then unlock them to move them easily.  The sliding trolleys, likewise lock and unlock into place.  When it is time to move a sliding trolley, you lift up on the bag and slide it along the rail.

These are heavy units and ship via truck line, so you will want to get a shipping quote from us.  We also offer padded pole covers for the vertical poles, to protect your members.  These units mount to your concrete floor.  We supply all mounting hardware.

Each 12' x 10' section will have three I-beam rails and will comfortably hold 9 heavy bags or more.

Like all of our Monster Equipment, these units qualify for easy commercial leasing / financing.  Just click on the link for more details.


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rtbr112'x10' Trolley bag Rack Section800 LBS (Add $2,000.00)
rtRolling Trolleys - each7 LBS (Add $100.00)
stSliding Trolleys - each5 LBS (Add $15.00)
ppcPadded Pole Covers - each8 LBS (Add $50.00)


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